The Last Nudist - Unrestricted freedom in the most heavenly place.

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On the beach below, the footsteps in the sand are the only evidence others were there earlier, making the lone woman stand out as the last to leave.

She was following the last of the light and looking down I could sense her pleasure embracing the warm rays of the sun against the rocks behind.

She is small in the frame, you don't see her at first, she is simply part of the landscape in her natural form. She will leave soon and the beach will be totally reclaimed, nature is very much in charge here, you may only stay a while.

Unrestricted freedom in the most heavenly place.

Archival print on luxurious FSC heavyweight art paper for sumptuously soft texture and depth.

All prints are produced to 100% carbon neutral standards and suppliers help fund projects for a safer climate and more sustainable world. Packaging is sustainably sourced, recyclable or biodegradable.

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