Walks, Shinrin Yoku And Photography With My Dog.

Lucinda Batchelor Art Forest Bathing Nature Photography Trees

I am lucky enough to have The Heart of England Forest on my doorstep, it's a forest very much in its infancy. I was commissioned to photograph it many years ago as it was being planted so it has been a joy to to watch it grow and mature.

I take my dog (Trilby the Trail Hound) for a walk there most mornings, and today I was struck by how I was enjoying the bareness of these winter woodlands, sometimes in summer the forest can seem oppressive. I love being able to peer into the heart of the trees into the landscape beyond, noticing the bright yellow lichen clinging to palest grey bark, the sharp thorns of bare wild rose bushes, and the smallest of white spring blossoms showing off against naked trees, Im in mind of the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku or 'forest bathing' which is the art of immersing yourself in nature for wellbeing. Hearing, smelling and feeling the forest with intensity allows me to discover images easily and puts me in a calm frame of mind for the rest of the day. Trilby appreciates it too, if only I could just stop him chasing the rabbits!  

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