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'Cometh and buyeth art'! 

I have just become a member of ARC, short for Arts Rising Collective. ARC is a Stratford on Avon social enterprise created by a group of local artists and creatives, to support the local creative community and develop a multi-artistic hub in the town.

During 'The Bards' birthday celebrations in Stratford upon Avon from the 22nd to 23rd April 2023, The Playhouse will be hosts to ARC, with local artists showcasing their work. With the town buzzing with parades and all sorts of Shakespearean inspired events, escapeth the hustle and bustle for an hour or two to browse a fantastic collection of work by the Arts Rising Collective (ARC).

We shall behold f'rawrd to seeing thee!

Check out the full programme of official events here, but there will be fringe events happening throughout the town.


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